AAA Pre Purchased Auto Inspections Garden Grove

AAA Pre Purchased Auto Inspections Garden GroveIf you are purchasing a used vehicle, put your mind at ease after purchase by having  an AAA Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection in our Garden Grove shop. AAA members can receive a total bumper to bumper inspection for only $89.95, covering 87 different focal points. This full-service inspection will give you more insight on the vehicle you are purchasing and the confidence to know that it will last as long as promised.

Car sellers may not always be completely honest or give you all the dirty details about the vehicle in question. With our vehicle inspection, you can be assured that you won’t break down a week after purchase! Nothing can hide from the keen eyes of our technicians, and you’ll feel confident in your decision to buy.

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Our Garden Grove shop not only offers AAA Pre-Purchase Auto Inspections, but also all tests required by the state of California, including smog checks and brake and lamp inspections. We can assess the mechanical integrity of the car or truck and give you an unbiased opinion after completing the vehicle inspection.

Don’t take a risk by purchasing a vehicle without having it looked at by one of our experienced team members. A tiny investment in time and money now could save you lots of stress, headaches, and major repair bills later. Know what you’re getting into and get an AAA Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection. Garden Grove residents have trusted us with all their auto repair and inspection needs for years – even ranking us number one three years in a row! Come in today and see what makes us so special.