Official Brake and Light Station Garden Grove

Official Brake and Light Station Garden GroveBring your salvaged vehicle into an Official Brake and Light Station in Garden Grove. Before the title can be reinstated on your car or truck, it needs to go through a thorough inspection of the brake and lighting systems. By going through a series of testing and function checks, the state can be assured that the vehicle returning to the road is safe, both for you and for other drivers.

As an Official Brake and Light Station in Garden Grove, we can inspect the vehicle and assess its condition. If there is any additional auto repair necessary, our certified technicians can handle it on the spot. While the brake and lamp inspection process does take a little bit of time, it is important for the safety and functionality of your vehicle.

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The brake system inspection includes examination of all working brake parts, ensuring all hardware and parts are installed and working properly and no hydraulic fluid is leaking from the system. All brake lights must work and activate when necessary, and the emergency brake is tested under specific conditions. The lamp inspection process verifies that all exterior lights are functioning and lighting correctly, and the plastic or glass lenses are clear and not cloudy.

In order to re-title a salvaged car or truck, you’ll need to present the certificate of inspection from an Official Brake and Light Station. Conveniently located in Garden Grove, we are an official inspection location and can perform the full inspection on-site while you wait. Make an appointment or stop in today to have your salvaged vehicle inspected and certified so you can get your title and hit the road – all with safety in mind. We also offer other auto services and repairs, so if you need a tune up, oil change or even wheel alignment and smog checks, contact us today.