Suspension Garden Grove

suspension-Garden-GroveHow’s the suspension on your Garden Grove vehicle? Is it time to replace the shocks and struts, or bring it in for suspension repair? If you suspect that’s the case, come to Buddy’s Napa Auto Care Center for a full suspension repair inspection. We’ll let you know your options for shocks and struts once we have a chance to examine your vehicle.

How do you know if your vehicle needs suspension repair or new shocks and struts? If your vehicle seems unstable when going around corners, has excessive dipping and bouncing when coming to a stop, or if it feels like you’re driving a big marshmallow, you may need to come in for suspension repair. Though we like marshmallows every so often, it’s not how you want your vehicle to feel when maneuvering through tight corners and city streets.

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Here is a recent online review from one of our clients, Suzanne C., about the experience she had at Buddy’s Napa Auto Care Center.

Suzanne said she got great service. She said she was nervous about going in being a woman by herself but they kept her well informed on everything they were doing and treated her with respect. She was very pleased with the whole experience.

For your next set of shocks and struts, or for suspension repair, come to Buddy’s Napa Auto Care Center for a full range of incredible auto repair services at fair prices and friendly service at no cost. Call us at 714-539-9175, or request an appointment to have your Garden Grove-area vehicle expertly repaired and maintained.