Vintage Car Restoration Anaheim

Looking for vintage car restoration in the Anaheim area? Come on down to Buddy’s Auto Repair, where our staff is friendly and our work is top-notch. Restoring classic cars is detail-oriented and skilled work, and that’s exactly why we’ve done our due diligence to be both NAPA, which shows our work ethic. We apply that same ethic to all classic car work we do, and that’s why we’re always a top choice when people look for “vintage car repair near me.”

Vintage Car Restoration AnaheimDrivers throughout that Garden Grove and Anaheim areas love their vintage cars – we often see them cruising for shows or just for fun. These cars require special attention to be properly maintained and restored, particularly because they often have parts and features that are no longer available in modern cars. When we do vintage car restoration for Anaheim area drivers, we’re dedicated to giving these beautiful cars the attention they need to look great and run well. Maintaining a classic car can be tough and it’s not uncommon for owners to have to bring their cars in several times a year for maintenance and restoration work. Occasionally we come across a car that doesn’t require extensive work, but more often than not, the joy of owning a gorgeous classic car comes with a significant investment, both in time and in money. We do all we can to make it worth your while, and that’s why we’re regularly recommended for vintage car repair near me!

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In addition to the work we do on classic cars, we also do repair and service work on modern cars. You can come to us for routine maintenance, transmission repair, brake replacement, and a whole lot more. Give us a call at 714-539-9175 to make an appointment to for vintage car restoration near Anaheim today. You can also use our convenient online form!